How System works? is a bitcoin generator connected to several high speed pools that helps generate bitcoin from our online interface; it is using high frequency automated pool Bot to generate/transfer Bitcoin & get lot of profit.

What is the minimum & maximum amount of bitcoins I can request on ?

Minimum Amount 0.1 BTC and Maximum Amount 2.5 BTC.

How can I use the ?

Using our bitcoin generator software is pretty simple. You just need to send your Bitcoin payout address, and then pay the fee for miners.

Do you only work with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency? is for Bitcoins only. Soon we update you about new cryptocurrencies.

What happens if I submit the same bitcoin withdraw address more than once?

Don’t worry, on each investment our system generate a unique id to identify your transaction. That id is unique for each transaction, so our system easily identify about all your multiple minings with single payout address.

Will I really receive those amount of Bitcoins?

Do you charge any fees for your services? charges only miner fees. The fee will not be returned to the users. The fee it is to help with the final transfer of bitcoin after it has been generated by miners.

Can I use more than once?

Yes, you use our website as often as you want.

Is protected against hacker attacks & what about the security?

Our system is fully protected by all kind of hackers & virus; we are using 1000 Gbps DDoS protection, SSL protection, hardware & software firewalls & emergency backup servers.

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